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I’m Vegan – express your vegan roots with style

🙋‍ retail fit and light fabric
🌿 high-quality vegan 100% soft cotton
💯premium quality
📏Runs true to size
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Im Vegan – announce it loud and with pride! Born vegan stay vegan! This modern vegan roots shirt fits like a well-loved favorite. Super soft cotton and excellent quality print makes one to fall in love with it over and over again. My vegan favorite in a wardrobe!

Back to the roots! This plant powered design was inspired to remind us that at the root we are all connected, as one ecosystem called Life. If we look back at the day we were born, we all came into this world as vegans, but then later on we were taught to spoil ourselves with innocent foods and energies.

In Eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism and Janaism) there is a word in Sanskrit “ahimsa” that means ” no harm”, and it applies to all creatures. Since we are all connected, hurting other living beings means hurting ourselves.

Veganism teaches us to have compassion for animals, for the planet, for each other and to ourselves. Above all, understanding the process we rescue our essence and start growing from within. Securing our roots and grounding ourselves deeper.

Being vegan it is not just a diet – it is a mission. A lifestyle. Reconnecting to our origins and growing our roots stronger, like a big tree, we understand that the deeper the root, the stronger and longer we are going to live.
Let’s stay grounded and root for each other!

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