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about veganya

What we really do at Veganya?

We bring inspirational and innovative fashion to every vegan in the World! At Veganya we passionately work on delivering the best of Vegan Clothing, Accessories and Home & Living items. We vision, draw and design popular fashion items for all vegan men & women. Only hand-picked apparel, personalized and custom-designed by Veganya and our vegan affiliates. Our goal is to provide quality & cruelty-free fabrics from USA manufacturers and print shops to support local businesses, taxes and domestic economies.

We develop vegan marketplace – ultimate software to run one-stop vegan shop. We focused on flawlessly connecting vegan sellers from all over the World with their plant-based fans and new customers. Our team consistently works on adding new vegan products to the catalog. So check back often and stay connected to make this World a better place together!

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Shopping for Life

Shopping for Life 🌱 is our motto and lifetime mission. At Veganya, we believe there is a better way of shopping with a cause. Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand gracious human nature and vegan potential for the benefits of the whole World. In other words, with every purchase made – we share profits by contributing to life-saving projects. It drives our intentions towards helping on building vegan community & strengthening vegan network.

We regularly contribute back into the community, by sponsoring and donating into 3 major projects. Our profit share is 5% of all net sales which is helping us to:

  • Plant a Tree by One Tree Planted
  • Share Plant-Based Meals by Community Solidarity Food Bank
  • Save Animals with Farm Sanctuary


We are an environmentally and socially conscious company. Veganya committed on contributing to a cleaner, greener and happier planet. And that is why we partnered up with One Tree Planted, by making quarterly donations to plant trees around the USA and the World.


Planting trees is extremely important for our planet. Through photosynthesis trees improve air quality absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. We need to breathe quality air 24/7 while one average tree has the capability of cleaning up almost 50lbs of CO2 annually. Trees also reduce erosion and pollution by diminishing the amount of storm water runoff. And on top of it all, they conserve water, improve the climate, preserve the soil and support wildlife.


Started in 2014, One Tree Planted doubled the number of trees planted year over year. Fast-forward this days, they are leader in reforestation in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. They partner with forest teams who help get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods. They create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity.

In 2018, One Tree Planted able to get more trees in the ground than ever before – 1.3 million!


As vegans, we are very much aware about the importance of a well-balanced diet.
We also understand that many don’t have the means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is the reason why we are engaged with Community Solidarity by donating every quarter to help those who cannot afford healthy meals.

plant based food bank


With help from contributors like you and US, in 2018 Community Solidarity provided over $15,167,666.85​ of assistance including over 6,155,248 pounds of vegetarian groceries! They shared other necessities like 117,360 garments, 292,798 pounds of gardening supplies and $96,528.40 of cruelty-free hygiene products… to name a few.

In 2018, every $1 donated to Community Solidarity allows them to rescue 32.8 pounds of vegetarian groceries! That’s a week and a half’s worth of groceries for someone!


Community Solidarity is more than a nonprofit; it’s more than a grassroots movement; Community Solidarity is a philosophy. It is based on the belief that empowered compassionate communities can heal themselves and in doing so create greater social change. “Essentially, we exist to put ourselves out of business. We don’t want to address hunger, or poverty, or homelessness; we want to eliminate those problems completely”.

Their goal is to fight the social, economic and environmental oppressions that are inflicted upon our community and our planet.

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animal rights


Putting an end to animal exploitation is for many the main reason to adopt a vegan lifestyle. We believe in the importance of respecting all lives, as well as eager to spread awareness for animal rights. Every day we keep in mind that compassion is the key, and kindness creates kindness. It’s our pleasure to partner with farmsanctuary.org, to provide shares of profit for saving the lives of voiceless and innocent beings.


Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. As one of the nation’s largest animal sanctuaries, Farm Sanctuary has rescued thousands of animals and has cared for them at its sanctuaries in New York and California. At Farm Sanctuary, animals are friends, not food.

The organization educates millions of people about the plight of farm animals and the negative impacts of factory farming on health, the environment and social justice. Farm Sanctuary also advocates for laws and policies that prevent suffering and promote compassion, and it reaches out to legislators and businesses to bring about institutional reforms.


  • We engage people where they are on their journey to a cruelty-free lifestyle.
  • We support only nonviolent and respectful methods to achieve our goals.
  • Ending factory farming and promoting a plant-based diet is best for animals, human health, and the environment.
  • Animals exist for their own purposes and are not merely consumable resources.
  • We support incremental change.
  • All human and nonhuman animals should be treated with compassion and respect.
  • Positive human-animal connections and interactions are an effective means of education and transformation.
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Veganya Team

Alex Damaskov Developer

Womens Vegan Jacket

Claire Pope Co-Founder. Social Media

What we do at Veganya?

Designing vegan fashion. We are devoted to producing vegan designer clothing, fashionable accessories, as well as home and living items. All our apparel is hand picked to make sure it is cruelty free.

Developing vegan marketplace software. We are innovating marketing and approach of connecting vegan businesses with their fans and new customers. Our main goal is to accelerate sales of vegan products Worldwide, especially in the USA.

Our Vision

We believe in the transformative, educational power of illustration and design. It’s strong ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people to create a better world together. A great design and good relationships come from collaboration. So come and join Veganya, bring in your idea to our team, and we will be happy to collaborate and publish your vision on a brand new piece of fashion, available for every vegan men & women. Consecutively, your purchase will help vegan community to plant a tree, give a plant-based meal to the ones in need and save animals.


Everything started with a great passion for creativity, marketing innovation and desire to evolve, together with our vegan friends and community. Veganya was started by vegan power couple and later emerged into plant-based team of nomads across the USA. Now, we are happy to share our creations and welcome new & valuable members to grow the vegan world together.

Cooperate with Us!

Wheather you are a non-vegan customer looking to make a special vegan gift for your friend or significant other. Or maybe you willing to customize any product for yourself with something extra special in mind – we can do it all! Also, if you represent a team of vegan activists – we can design & dress up your whole squad with a special designing service & price to stand out for the next event. And, if you are serious investor believing that future is Vegan – go ahead and contact us for mutual opportunities.

What can we do for you ?

We are happy to help with any customer concerns, design inquiry, questions and suggestions you may have. We highly appreciate your feedback on products and services. Contacts us

Only hand-picked vegan apparel & accessories chosen by our team members. We are making sure to deliver cruelty-free fabrics, fashionable and trendy items all designed by Veganya designer as well as our vegan affiliates.

One of our main priorities – to network and partner with USA companies to support local jobs, taxes and domestic economies. We are happy to source more than 95% from USA manufacturers, print shops and apparel distributors.

Veganya is growing eCommerce marketplace with solid strategy, solutions and network. Our team is open for investor relations to expand company growth, lead industry market and strengthen vegan community.